Real Time Intelligent Reporting

Outsource RTBI reporting for customer services

Real Time Intelligent Reporting

Outsource RTBI reporting for customer services

Monitoring CRM with RTBI reports

Keep track of customer interactions as they happen. We can gather real-time data about what your customers are doing with your business platforms and what they are saying about your products/ services. Old data might be good to view long term trends but you also require current data to formulate effective plans for the present. Our healthy customer support practices include the collection of real-time business intelligence according to your needs at that moment. By learning more about the thoughts and feelings of your customers, you can adjust your approach towards customer relationship management. They will certainly appreciate the inclusion of their feedback in your business strategies. This creates a satisfying customer experience and directs you in future planning. Your customer retention rates will rise as you keep delivering on your claims and you’ll note a clear improvement in your customer relationship management with our RTBI reports.

RTBI reporting for marketing plans

The more you know the better your marketing results. Once you tell our customer support agents what sort of information you seek from your prospective and existing customers, we will assist you in acquiring it the easy way. We conduct data acquisition based on the explicit goals of your marketing campaigns. As for time, we are actively gathering information for your business 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. For instance, if you want to move onto the next stage of an ongoing marketing campaign, you must be aware of the response your customers gave to its first stage. Having centralized control over outsourced customer services enables us to get data from various platforms simultaneously. We can analyze the data from emails, calls, live chat records, social media and product communities to help you optimize the second stage of your marketing campaign.

RTBI to optimize customer support

Are your customers happy with your communication approach? There’s only one way to know that: ask them. We have developed several methods to receive feedback from your customers about your help desk. They give honest reviews on the performance of virtual receptionists handling queries on email, call, live chat, social media and product communities. This gives you unique insight into their preferences for specific types of queries. It’s possible that you have been using a tactic that is not working that well for the majority of your customers. Perhaps they don’t like the custom live chat script for troubleshooting technical issues. For example, they could have a problem with the protocol you have designed for fixing bugs in their system. We can get you the exact feedback you need for optimizing your protocol for removing bugs. Not only can we provide information on a particular kind of customer support but we are capable of drawing a bigger picture for you. This can help you in adjusting your customer services as a whole.

Real-time business intelligence software

How soon do you want customer data? You won’t have to wait long because we employ an automated system to gather and analyze real-time business intelligence for your company. We are trained to use such software for creating detailed reports with real-time data that you have requested.

Real-time dashboard

You staff can be provided access to the real-time dashboards monitored by our customer support agents, which show overviews of real-time business intelligence acquired for different purposes.

Collecting data

We run a centralized customer services setup that is fully capable of gathering real-time data for various strategies you are currently involved in developing for your business projects.

Gauging responses

The responses of your customers are recorded systematically by our customer support operators. We can assist you in analyzing such real-time business intelligence to discover existing trends.

Measuring changes

When we help you get real-time information about your customers, we can also make comparisons with older data to identify significant changes that have taken place since that time.

Making predictions

If you are using real-time business intelligence to plan future strategies for your company, we can lend a helping hand in making accurate predictions for that time period based on current data.

Creating reports

Our goal is to save your time and resources by preparing reports using real-time business intelligence for your particular purpose. We can arrange that information as per your priorities in reports.

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