Outbound call center

We call your leads within 30 minutes and convert them in to opportunities.

Outbound call center

We call your leads within 30 minutes and convert them in to opportunities.

Outbound call services for marketing campaigns

Increase the impact of your promotional strategies right now! Don’t let the investment in your marketing campaigns go to waste. If you don’t have enough staff members for outbound call overflow, outsource call support agents. We are skilled at developing outbound call plans that will bring the most benefit to your company. Each client has varying priorities and stand at different points. Our industry experts can analyze your status and offer guidance on the most sustainable approach to call support for marketing. Got an event coming up? We can help you in making calls to all the right people pushing your event towards a successful finish. If you don’t have staff to spare, our call agents can handle outbound calls according to your directions. In addition, you can trust us with everything from lead generation to telephone sales for your company.

Lead management with outbound call support

Experiencing low sales? That’s expected when you don’t have sufficient resources to generate leads through the phone. This is especially damaging to companies that rely heavily on telemarketing on sell their products or services. Outsourcing call support is perfect solution! Since our answering services function remotely, you will be saved from spending on an expensive in-house team. We blend into your sales and marketing departments expanding their capabilities to generate, capture, qualify and convert leads for your business. They can rely on us after hours to carry out lead management on their behalf so that you can keep earning and building relationships with new customers. Our call agents are familiar with your business values and selling points. We are able to give your customers the same great experience that your internal sales team provides them.

Updating database through outbound calls

When was the last time you updated your customer data? Don’t lose out on the opportunity to gather important data about your customers by ignoring outbound call services. Unless you directly ask your customers for their current contact details, you will be stuck with outdated information. Imagine using old email addresses for your latest email campaign. Your customers won’t be getting your messages! All because you didn’t ask about changes in email addresses your investment in email marketing turned out to be pointless. Instead of relying on an in-house team with limitations, trust our virtual receptionists to manage these tasks for you. Depending on what data you require for your marketing strategies, our call agents can create solutions for your company. This is possible on a tight budget as well which makes our outbound call services ideal for small businesses and startups.

24/7 outbound call centre solutions

Winning back customers was never this easy before. Keep your existing customers engaged and welcome new customers with affordable outbound call plans. Our call support agents can design custom solutions for your business requirements. From promotions to appointments, we can help you manage outbound calls for different purposes.

Product awareness campaign

Outsource call support to raise product awareness at a fraction of the cost an in-house team demands. We can assist your staff in promoting your products’ best features to prospective customers pushing them towards sales.

Lead generation strategies

We optimize our outbound call services for lead generation by working with your marketing staff to draft plans that target potential customers who are most likely to respond favorably to your telemarketing campaigns.

Closing profitable sales

Our call operators have been trained to use scripts and tactics developed by your sales experts for cross-selling and up-selling products or services. We are capable of closing sales with high order values just like your sales agents.

Manage customer feedback

Outsourcing call services for customer feedback is a great way to learn what your customers like and dislike about your business. We can share your staff’s burden by taking care of outbound calls for gathering valuable feedback from them.

IT helpdesk call support

Follow-up calls may be a necessity or courtesy depending on each individual case. However, they are an important aspect of outbound calls. Once a technical problem has been resolved, we can help you check up on the current status.

Billing and payment issues

Reminders of subscription limits and payment confirmations are essential to most businesses. Our call operators can improve your staff’s vigilance in such reminders and assist them in fixing issues in your customers’ billing.

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