Multichannel Contact Center

We use centralised approach and entertain your customers through live chat, email, and calls.

Multichannel Contact Center

We use centralised approach and entertain your customers through live chat, email, and calls.

Call centre answering services

What’s the best thing for a confused customer? Of course, it has to be our warm friendly call support agent answering their call without delay. Most customers prefer to call your business directly for queries and complaints. Since they believe that this is the quickest way to reach you, we ensure that they receive instant solutions through our call operators. We understand that it takes time for your customers to write about their issues to you. Our virtual receptionists answer their calls in seconds as your customers find calling the most convenient method of communication with your business. We never disappoint them! Our response time makes them feel a sense of reliability towards your brand. Regardless of the purpose of their call, our call agents cater to each case individually and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.

Live chat customer support

There’s a reason instant messaging is so popular these days. Sometimes your customer wants to share lengthy details with our live chat operators. They can simply copy paste the content into the live chat feature on your website. Sharing relevant links from websites and blogs is another easy way for them to explain their problem to us. This is ideal for situations where your customer is unable to explain their needs in their own words to our live chat agents. Live chat allows them to directly show us what they want. Whenever your customer has a question, they can just send you a message. In the event that your staff is unavailable to reply to them, our live chat operators respond to the new message within seconds. We carefully note their requirements and provide feasible options as soon as possible.

Email help desk and answering

Can you easily manage the hundreds of emails you receive daily? It must be a burden on your regular staff. Outsourcing email support can save you from drowning in unanswered emails especially during active promotions. We can even customize email support to accommodate your increasing email traffic and expanding customer base as requested by you. It’s unwise to make your customers wait 24 hours before expecting a reply from you. Our email operators work 24/7 while maintaining a response of just 15 minutes per email. This is exactly what your customers need from your email support.

Product community support

Outsourcing broadens your capabilities in product community support. Such communities are directly linked to your website so your customers anticipate a quick response from your company. We can help you achieve that! Our virtual receptionists are active 24/7 allowing them to assist you in answering various threads about your products. We can contribute to their maintenance around the clock. Our technical expertise enables us to contribute to the development of your product communities. We are capable of designing strategies for its improvement with your experts.

Social media management

From our vantage point, all communication channels are closely connected and we constantly receive data from each platform. We can identify the interactions of a single customer across social media websites like Facebook and email support simultaneously. Therefore, we can use data from various channels to present quick solutions to your customers.

Order placements

Your customers have the benefit of ordering products through email, call and live chat at any hour of the day and any day of the year. We can step in whenever your staff feels overburdened.

Service subscription

Whether your customer wants to sign up for a subscription plan, change their existing subscription or cancel it, we can help you manage this over the phone, via email or live chat.

Complaint center

We can improve the response time and efficiency of your customer complaint center. You can give them the convenience of receiving instant solutions to their problems by phone, email or live chat.

Appointments booking

Your client may have to make an urgent appointment. Outsourcing ensures that they can do that 24/7 using the method available to them. We facilitate appointment management via email, live chat or phone.

Customer feedback

Our industry experts can follow your guidance in devising customer feedback strategies for your business. We can develop them separately for phone users, email subscribers and those who prefer live chat.

Database updates

By centralizing multichannel customer services, our professionals can gather customer data from every type of support system and use it to help you maintain your customer records on a regular basis.

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