Inbound Call Center

We take calls within seconds and resolve issues during first call of your customers.

Inbound Call Center

We take calls within seconds and resolve issues during first call of your customers.

After hours inbound answering services

The clock is ticking on your leads! Their interest in your business is fading due to lack of response from your end. Do you wish to lose millions of precious leads without ever having a chance to covert them? While your business is closed, leads continue to be generated from your direct response campaigns. By the time your staff gets to them, they are pouring in faster than you can keep track of them. It may be too late to recover your investment at that point. Take action now to prevent this from happening. Outsourcing call support is essential if your company regularly faces this dilemma. Time and numbers are not an issue for us. We have plenty of resources dedicated to managing inbound calls for your business. Each caller is greeted by a friendly professional voice that gives them the confidence to remain connected to your business. Owing to the competence and experience of our trained call operators, your company will never lose leads afterhours.

Outsource inbound customer services

A bad customer experience results in a bad review which in turn damages the image of your brand. We are here to make sure that never happens. The key qualities of our call support are fast response, 24/7 availability and expert solutions. Our effective inbound call support system rapidly boosts the quality of your customer experience. We pay attention to the expectations and reactions of your customers. This allows us to optimize our answering services to win the approval of your paying customers. Even if a customer is frustrated over being sent a faulty product, they will be satisfied by the end of that call. That’s our goal: 100% customer satisfaction. How is that accomplished? Well, we put the customer first. Instead of pointing out the mistake of the customer, our call agents focus on fixing the problem for them. Whether it involves product exchange or return of payment, we are quick to process it for them. They are given assurance of transparency to maintain a bond of trust which helps remove any suspicion towards your company.

Inbound call center for small business

Are you struggling with overflow? Allow our call operators to take care of the additional load of inbound calls for your small business. This will relieve your internal staff of the heavy burden improving their overall performance. Our group of experienced call agents is also capable of managing all inbound calls when your representatives are absent altogether. Trust us to look after product information queries, registration for services, customer complaints and database updates. Our extensive call services are available at a fraction of the cost required to maintain an internal call support team. Spend less and earn more! We can turn your budget concerns into flexible plans for answering services. Get in touch with us today for developing a custom strategy to handle inbound calls for your small business. Only pay for the call minutes that you actually use with no hidden charges. We guarantee higher ROI with half the effort.

Comprehensive inbound call service solutions

We don’t just answer inbound calls! Rely on our expertise in devising smart call management plans that maximize your revenue while reducing the amount of resources you contribute. Our call operators do all the hard work while you reap the benefits.

Product technical assistance

Being integrated into your business setup lets us represent your company in times of need. We cooperate with your staff to provide remote technical support to your customers for the products that they have purchased.

Billing and payment query

Your paying customers should never be turned away when they are adding to your revenue on a daily basis. That’s why our call agents assist your staff in solving problems your customer encounter in making payments.

Inbound sales management

Maximize your investment in marketing campaigns for email, TV, radio, online ads, etc. Since your leads may lose value within a few hours, we race against time to help your sales team in capturing and converting them.

Tier 3 IT helpdesk support

Besides being trained to offer Tier 1 and 2 call support to your customers, we have industry experts, who can help you manage Tier 3 technical support from troubleshooting errors to remote installation of software.

24/7 order management

We are prepared to take every order that comes to your business whether it arrives after hours or during days when your business is closed. Our call operators can assist your staff in managing orders when they overwhelmed.

Warranty arrangements

Our call agents are familiar with the content of your knowledge banks as well as the specific terms and conditions of your company regarding warranty. We can follow your instructions to confirm and process warranty requests.

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