Employee Training and Retention

Our employees are our assets, we invest in their training and retain them for longer time periods.

Employee Training and Retention

Our employees are our assets, we invest in their training and retain them for longer time periods.

In-house training programs for employees

Quality cannot be achieved without skill. We’re aware that the best way to develop skill is through extensive training. We have concluded that outdated techniques are not going to work on modern customers. That’s why we offer strategies based on the latest trends in the market. Before our virtual receptionists even start working for your business, they undergo strict training under the supervision of our industry experts. The nature of these training programs is determined by your particular industry and unique brand identity. If you wish to venture in a new direction, we update the employee training program to fulfill your needs.

Direct training of employees by clients

You understand your company the best. In case you want your staff to personally teach our employees about customer service, we can arrange training sessions for them under your supervision. Of course, you can be assured of our full cooperation. Our goal is to arm our virtual receptionists with the knowledge and skills to take on the responsibilities intended for your brand representatives. Once you have had a hand in their professional education, their performance will reflect the values of your brand. This provides your customers a sense of security owing to their familiarity with your brand.

Positive reinforcement for employees

Happy employees yield better results! Our company never compromises on the quality of the services that we provide. We aim to reach the highest level of productivity for your customer support. Thanks to our balanced approach towards employee management, our virtual receptionists are always in top condition. They are dedicated to the smooth function of your customer support and the steady growth of your business. Our employees are determined to put their best foot forward since their progress is closely monitored. Besides the benefits given to them all, the high fliers are offered special bonuses.

Professional and personal development

Ethics are essential for the success of any company. Therefore, our employees are taught basic ethical codes for business right after their recruitment. They are daily scrutinized to ensure that they are working according to expected moral principles. In addition, the training sessions we conduct regularly include lessons on personal development since we believe that this is important for good customer services. Our supervisors always keep an eye on them during work and make progress reports for each employee. If any of them is lacking in a certain department, they undergo individual training.

Training simulations and on job training

Our employees are constantly learning and improving on the job. The setup of our customer support system is such that our employees are paired with suitable mentors while they are interacting with your customers. Rest assured an industry expert is always closely monitoring the employee who is troubleshooting a technical problem for your customer. If the techniques of the employee don’t seem that effective, the mentor recommends better ones. Another training tool we rely on is simulation. We put our employees in real world situations exactly like the cases that they are expected to handle for your customers. They are educated on the different kinds of responses a customer could give and how they can manage it in the most professional manner.

Training key performance indicators

We have developed learning management systems that our instructors may use to track training key performance indicators. Using numbers, we can accurately measure the progress of each employee and pinpoint the areas where they still need some improvement.

Teamwork efforts

Since our remote customer support is meant to be integrated into your present staff, we train our employees in teamwork strategies and regularly test their abilities to work in a group setting.

Commission benefits

We offer generous incentives to our employees such as commissions. This pushes them to train harder and aim for the highest results, which in turn boosts your company’s productivity.

Professional training

The focus of our training is on professional tasks which our employees will be expected to perform for your business. They are taught about software, business strategies and brand culture.

Rewarding systems

There are several rewards waiting for dedicated employee who strives to gain the approval of your customers. This drives our virtual receptionists towards creating the best possible customer experience.

Mentorship offers

According to past records, the trend of mentorship has yielded satisfactory results so we assign mentors depending on the capabilities and specific tasks of that employee in customer support.

Compensation plans

The benefits that we provide to our employees create a comfortable and relaxed environment for them to work in. They know that they can rely on us for their rights and deliver pleasing outcomes.

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