Cross Cultural Sensitization

We learn the relationship between you and your customers, and adopt your culture.

Cross Cultural Sensitization

We learn the relationship between you and your customers, and adopt your culture.

Cross cultural sensitization for your global clients

Beware! A poorly phrased sentence can push you back several steps at a crucial point in your important business dealings. Your clients and employees have certain expectations from you which stem from your brand culture. Our goal is to design customer support around your brand promises and values. This leads to cohesion and consistency in your customer relationship management. Your local clients won’t even be able to tell that you have outsourced customer services. We can save your time and resources conducting cultural research on our own when required. Our call support aims to create a warm and familiar setting for your callers so that they may feel comfortable discussing their concerns with your company. If you are looking for call service agents with certain accents who may serve clients in particular regions, you’re in luck! Trust us to assist you in promoting cross-cultural sensitization in your customer relationship management.

Cultural adaptability to build business relationships

Connect with your local clients on a deeper level! We can remove all cultural barriers that are holding you back from penetrating your local market further. Don’t allow your link with local investors, partners, vendors and clients to weaken due to cultural differences. When your experts are too busy to devise separate strategies for this purpose, our call operators are there to assist you before your business relationships suffer major damage. We follow a cultural adaptability approach that allows us to blend into your local business culture. We serve as your backup when competition heats up! While dealing with your local clients, we make sure to follow cultural practices which are acceptable and even appreciated in communication in that region. Our call agents use popular phrases and sayings while talking with clients in your area to eliminate any chances of alienation. This puts local callers at ease and their respect for your company increases. You’ll notice a higher retention rate for such clients thanks to the adaptability tactics of our call support.

Business etiquette considerations

Before you expand your business locally, consider outsourcing customer support. Why? It’s a given that your traffic will increase. So, are you prepared to handle it? Not only will you need more staff members but each customer support operator must be well versed in your business etiquette. The business development plan that you have been working on for months could fall apart due to lack of attention towards cultural practices. Cross-cultural sensitization is an integral component of our answering services. There are several aspects of business etiquette that we adhere to. Time is a key factor. Our call operators actively manage inbound and outbound calls for your company 24/7/365. It’s considered poor etiquette to respond late. An important client might take personal offensive to a situation where you failed to deliver results by a time limit. The higher the stakes the greater the loss. Fortunately, we take precautions during employee training preventing such situations from occurring.

Your business promises and values

Contact our call support today! We can assist you in fulfilling the promises your company has made to your international clients and uplifting your brand values. Develop long lasting relationships with them through the quick response of our call agents who are well acquainted with cross-cultural sensitization.

Cultural research

Leave all the hard work to us! Our call agents can tackle tedious tasks involved in cultural research needed for a project from socially acceptable practices to culture-specific business ethics.

Client feedback

Only someone familiar with cultural aspects of communication can properly understand and process customer feedback from your global clients. We can accomplish that easily and carryout surveys for your business.

Social norms

Something common in your culture could be frowned upon in the culture of your international clients. Outsource call support to eliminate misunderstandings and make your communication with them more fruitful.

Cultural etiquette

Our call operators can help your business fulfill the expectations of your global clients and win their trust by adhering to their special cultural etiquette for business and daily life in general.

Adaptive strategy

The purpose of cross-cultural sensitization in our answering services is to make your clients feel as if they are speaking to one of their own. We achieve this by relating to their concerns that exist because of their culture.

Conflict resolution

First of all, our call agents do all in their power to prevent problematic situations from occurring by respecting cultural aspects. If a conflict does develop, we use our knowledge of their culture to resolve it peacefully.

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