24 hours Call Center Support

Happiness is hearing a friendly voice, day or night, rain or shine.

24 hours Call Center Support

Happiness is hearing a friendly voice, day or night, rain or shine.

Constant lead generation and sales management

There’s nothing worse than lost leads. It takes you days to come up with a marketing strategy and only seconds for you to lose a customer. We’re here to stop that from happening. Our call support is dedicated to managing incoming leads 24/7. Every single lead will be captured increasing the impact of your marketing campaigns and saving your investment from being wasted. Our job doesn’t end there! We have a group of marketing experts who qualify your leads according to their value to your business. This boosts the productivity of your sales department allowing your conversions to rise significantly. We actively participate in telemarketing sales as well which contributes to these results. Our call operators are experienced in up-selling and cross-selling techniques that improve the value of each order placed at your business.

Technical support for customers around the clock

Don’t leave your customers helpless! They can just turn to other company to fulfill their needs but you will lose a precious customer. Even a loyal customer can abandon your business if they call you but don’t receive an answer. This can be difficult to sustain when your business is closed for the day or on weekends. Outsourcing is a smart way to offer technical support to your customers at any time of the day. You don’t have to train our call operators so there will be no burden on your staff whatsoever. Instead, we actually assist your staff in handling technical support. Our answering services are capable of managing many calls for help simultaneously because we are not limited in numbers. You can add on more minutes and include additional services in your call support plan depending on the unique needs of your business.

Maximize the impact of your marketing strategies

Say yes to flexible customer support solutions! From answering services to email help desk, we possess the ability to customize them as per your business requirements. Perhaps you’re looking to merge the setup of inbound and outbound calls for more cohesion in marketing plans. Our industry experts can provide strategies for both inbound and outbound calls. We can blend them together to devise a powerful call support system. This is an approach that demands minimum investment to produce extraordinary results since outsourcing is more affordable than maintaining an in-house team. Whether you want to focus on lead management, closing sales or telemarketing, we can optimize each step for greater productivity. We can help you save on marketing expenditure by handling lead capture 24/7. In addition, our call agents can cooperate with the relevant sales experts for achieving successful telephone sales in greater numbers than before. You may hire us to supplement your internal team on regular days. We can customize a plan for our call agents to work independently at times when your professionals were unavailable for call management.

Customized 24/7 call support plans for businesses

Talk to us today about expanding your call management capabilities. We will devise a plan that centers on your biggest problem area. By taking care of your weakest point, our call operators will increase your efficiency. Outsource call support to take care of calls for your paying customers as well as prospective customers.

Promotional strategies

Our call operators are quick to familiarize themselves with your list of promotional targets and follow your directions to schedule calls to them based on scripts designed to pull them towards your products/ services.

Customer data updates

We can save you from wasting your marketing budget on content which is sent to outdated addresses. Our call support agents provide assistance with outbound calls meant to gather new contact details of customers.

Booking appointments

The quickest way to set an appointment is through a call. Fortunately, our answering services extend your business hours allowing your clients to easily make appointments with professionals working in your company.

Service registrations

Your customers can sign up for specific services that you offer by calling you but you may not be there for them afterhours. We can take care of registering new customers and renewing memberships for your business.

Up to Level 3 support

Other than simple problem solving, your staff can trust our call operators to manage calls about technical issues. We are proficient at handling Level 3 tasks such as troubleshooting and remotely installing products.

Direct product sales

There are several businesses who commonly manage sales through the phone. Our call support agents can be of great help to your staff for this purpose. We are experts at up-selling and cross-selling to raise the value of every order we take.

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