Service Level

We love to deliver more than agreed. Our level of services is our pride

Service Level

We love to deliver more than agreed. Our level of services is our pride

Our call centre provides efficient services for achieving your assigned targets; internal as well as external. We adapt to the service standards that perfectly go with your business and product requirement. We optimize a set up that caters the demands of your desired technical support, human resource and software.

How do we calculate target achievement rate

When you outsource us for any inbound or outbound service, you must have got some set goals regarding agents’ performance, call quality, customer satisfaction or any other set of KPIs. Our goal is to hit those targets with at least 90% perfection. We work out our target achievement by calculating metrics this way:

Operational Standard

One of the most pinpointing ways for yielding good target rate is to find out service level (SL) that means average of calls that an agent receives within a certain time span. Measuring average speed of answer (ASA) by which an agent answers a call with a follow-up count of call transfer rate and abandoned calls are what that overall benchmarks this criteria.

Our standard service level (SL) is 80/20, which means responding 80 calls per 20 seconds; an average of 80.

If your set given target of agent’s response is within 30 seconds, we mostly make it possible within 25 seconds. So our achievement rate is: 30/25 x 100 = 120%

Typically abandoned calls mean dropped calls within first 10 seconds, but we try to maintain this metric between 6-7 seconds proximity.

AHT (Average Handle Time)

A combination of Average-Talk-Time (ATT) and After-Call-Work (ACW) is what that describes the average handle time of an agent. Its calculation is very simple: ATT + ACW = AHT

FCR (First Call Resolution)

A certain time frame is marked to measure this metric by recording a specific caller’s contact within that specific duration. That duration is based on company’s personalized standards. A high FCR is directly proportional to high CSAT. It’s calculated as: Number of FCR / Number of Total Calls. We try to meet this target with an average of 8 of 10 calls resolved.

So our average is: 8/10 x 100 = 80%

Occupancy Rate

Another metric that rightly affects target achievement rate is agents’ business. A low occupancy rate drives agents towards boredom while a high, off to over-burdening, that may result in an increased agents’ attrition. It is calculated by: Total Call Time / (Total Call Time+ Available Time)

If your desired occupancy rate is 80%, we mostly meet it with an 85% rate so our target winning rate is:

85/80 x 100 = 106%

Cost Per Call

Cost per call means cost for traffic of both incoming and outgoing calls. Basic cost per call is used to determine an extra cost required to handle a nominal number of additional calls, while fully loaded cost per call helps to compare our company’s efficiency with that of a third party contact centre operation.

It is measured by two formulas.

i- Basic cost per call = Calls per Hour / Agent’s Hourly Wages

ii- Fully loaded cost per call = (Annual operating cost + Labour) / Total number of calls per year

Call Quality

Measuring call quality has got no set standards; it is rather based on pure humanly expectations and priorities. A quality call may have ten or more standards but generally we include:

  • How agents respond to calls
  • How effectively they look into clients’ needs
  • How they drive the customers towards a satisfied resolution
  • How they end the calls


Target achievement rate is a direct outcome of CSAT. The more satisfied customers, the more targets achieved. Measuring CSAT gives us a clear insight into customers’ needs and pain points and helps us evaluate our agents’ performance. We find it out using specific customer satisfaction metrics, doing direct surveys and through web analysis.

If you ask for a customer satisfaction rate of 85%, we attain it with the average of 90%, for we take customer satisfaction as our top most priority.

So our attainment rate is: 90/85 x 100 = 106%

Agent’s Productivity

More productive agents mean an increased achievement rate. Our call centre analytics probe into the total time duration that agents utilize in engaging and working on call-related work. Measuring this metric alongside target value helps managers analyze how effectively their team has worked to achieve particular set goals.

Observing humanly needs coupled with your marketing demands, we manage a standard agent output rate within or around 85%.

Average Sales per Agent

Every agent is given with a set target to meet within a pre-defined duration, daily, weekly or monthly. Our managers keep monitoring the average sales per agent to work out the agent’s output regarding closing deals and meeting company’s targets.

If your demand is an average sale of 80, our task-oriented force achieves it within or around 80. So our achievement rate in this regard is: 80/80 x 100 = 100%

How do we Optimize Target Achievement Rate

For an improved sales rate with enhanced customer satisfaction we keep focusing on flaws, no matter humanly or technical. Our outbound, telesales optimization process comprises following steps:

  • Through healthy gamification, we bridge the communication gap between agents and managers that helps us to have a direct look into agents’ real issues, halts in achieving targets and future prospects.
  • We make sales ranking posts visible to all which promotes a wholesome competition among agents, giving them a clear analysis of where they stand every day.
  • By awarding our agents with tokens after achieving a predetermined target, we involve them in their own evalu ation. These tokens are encouragements as they reward them for an increased commission after each sale. Satisfied work force, happy customers!
  • Our ongoing floor trainings help managers to assist, support and train agents at the same time. It contributes to rendering better sales skills and product knowledge right when it is needed.
  • For serving the customers with a personalized experience our software trashes unwanted data (i.e. wrong calls, irrelevant calls, internal calls and calls with incomplete data). On agents’ end it saves them from the frustration of sifting data while in process of thriving for sales.
  • Our analytics work on resolving downtime issues by reviewing and updating data consistently.

Our call centre provides one of the best modules for meeting the target achievement rate. We not only compete the best standards, but have got flexibilities to modify our set up to align it with your day to day changing needs.

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