Resolution Rate

We are trained enough to resolve your customer issues during first call.

Resolution Rate

We are trained enough to resolve your customer issues during first call.

Since ages enterprises have been investing into producing quality products to beat their contemporaries, but in current global village such practices are considered as traditional run-of-the-mill. Setting up a business and churning out brand-new products are ridiculously simple goals to achieve. For driving a good deal of customers into marketing and sales funnels, the things that keep you hovered by question marks are the emotional variables of customer satisfaction level. Therefore, what makes you stay above and beyond the rest is the provision of ideal customer service.

What is Resolution Rate?

Resolution rate is referred to average of closed deals or fulfilled requests that a call centre receives in a specific time-frame. Figuring out the customers’ urgency level is notably peculiar in this regard. Resolution rate is one of the prime metrics that gives us first-hand insights to mark the standard of our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We gauge it well and go for the timely right solutions.

How we calculate Resolution Rate?

Measuring resolution rate is a finely defined black and white formula. We simply work it out by counting customer service requests within a pre-defined time (i.e. a day, a week or a month) and subtract the number of unresolved requests during that particular that time span. Dividing this figure by the total number of requests gives us the clear-cut detail of resolution rate. Its formula is:

Resolution Rate = Number of Calls Received – Number of Calls Unresolved/Number of Calls Received

Our Criterion for Resolution Rate

Our resolving strategy is not just one-action plan of marking customers’ requests, it rather comprise a chain of actions that takes the customers towards a satisfied solution. Our resolution rate time benchmark is duration of 48 hrs, during which we keep contacting the customers unless their queries are unfolded and resolved. We don’t go for approaching the customers after our defined time threshold as it ends them up on boredom and finally being disloyal to certain products and services.

How we Optimize Resolution Rate?

Resolution rate needs vary from company to company, and so on with products. It rightly depends upon analyzing the customers high-emotional demands with that of less emotional driven. No matter what, it gives us a clear perspective of what our customers are experiencing and how each of our call support agent is performing. We improve this metric by taking following measures:

Data-driven support

We provide our agents with a sound database regarding your business nature and product features, so they may render at hand service to the customers, leaving behind no confusions.

Up-sale and Cross-sale techniques

Our well-informed, proactive agents never leave the customers with obliqueness and sensibly involve them in up-sales and cross-sales when needed.

We promote Empathy

Customer service is all about care, so we optimize this metric on basis of empathy and look into how much our agents are observing it. Even if an agent ends up with all tickets closed, we prefer the one who has been gentler in dealings.

Quality Check

We keep a constant check on our agents’ responses to work out how they are fulfilling the customers’ needs. For it, we review Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores that enable us to furnish your business with loyal customers.

Visual Scoreboards

By clear display of real-time scores of each agent, we generate a healthy competition. Our managers minutely observe each agent, in comparison with others and help everyone improve by on floor trainings. Real-time Data Analysis: Our software support helps mangers review real-time data of waiting callers, abandoned calls and callers that dropped a message or call-back. They use it as a follow-up for approaching and assisting the customers with a timely response.

Automation Service

Our automation support renders quick, alternate service of self support, comprising close-packed FAQs that undoubtedly increase resolution rate. Our call centre comes up with an average of 90% resolution rate.

Our personalized customer satisfaction services help your company gather the lot of life-time honest clients, which bring you business in spades.

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