Customer satisfaction

You customers are more delighted when they hear a friendly voice listening to their issues and resolving them.

Customer satisfaction

You customers are more delighted when they hear a friendly voice listening to their issues and resolving them.

Few clicks and get your favorite pizza delivered at home, quick browse and there order your chosen sneakers, turn on location on your cell phone and be ready to take the ride on car you booked few minutes back. We are becoming addicted to at hand comforts. Not our fault! With the advent of fast-paced web services at doorsteps, the world has gone beyond the sluggish manual deals. In short, we as customers have become ill at ease to be served in matters of seconds.

CSAT ‘Customer satisfaction’ is one of the vital challenges that businesses and companies counter. If you are running a business, mind it the buyers out there have gone far mature than outdated verbal bargains. Making them happy and satisfied is equally significant along with churning out state-of-the-art hard to resist products. If you are producing out class articles, probably the next door vendor is producing equally valuable goods or even better. What makes the difference is an ideal customer service or dealing no matter you deal in an e-commerce store or off-the-rack products, right in some shopping mall.

What is an ideal customer service?

An ideal customer service means satisfied, loyal customers. Those who don’t need incentives or promotions over and over again rather get habitual to your products and services the way they can’t do without you. Retaining customers is far cheaper than establishing an all together new business domain. For it you need to maintain a homely customer service module keeping in view that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are two different things. A satisfied customer doesn’t mean he is going to stay cling to you. He may leave you in the wake of any bad experience, even if it is the outcome of some human error. So our ultimate target should be the ‘Customer loyalty’ which is directly proportional to ‘Customer happiness’. The happier the customer, the loyal it remains.

Measuring CSAT in metrics

There is no exact scale to measure the customer happiness. We apply the following techniques to find out your customers’ happiness and those insights can be used as a follow-up for your business growth.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Our first step is measuring customer happiness in figures and for it we target the customers with variety of questions with qualifying options. Categorically they are:

a- Customer satisfaction score

It is a time-tested metric that comprises questions like:

How would you rate your experience interacting with our sales/customer service/support department? Its answers range so: very unsatisfactory/ unsatisfactory/ neutral/ satisfactory/ very satisfactory This sort of CSAT analysis is versatile as it can relate your consumer’s interaction with any of your services or products. It helps our analytics to find out common customer experiences that help them identify key pain points. Evaluating it is easy. The more positive responses, the higher the score!

b- Net Promoter Score NPS

It is another metric that is often referred as the customer loyalty metric. Using NPS scale we survey the customers on an 11 point scale from 0-10, with responses that are categorized as detractors, passives or promoters. It serves the questions like:

How likely are you to recommend our product or service to a friend?

Its formulae is: NPS = % Promoters – % Detractors

We find out its answers by subtracting the percentage of detractors from that of promoters. This measurement shows a bar figure of responses that gives an approval of customer satisfaction by accepting only the highest scores as satisfied.

c- Star rating

It’s perhaps the simplest and easy going customer satisfaction metric, being used overall across the globe. Currently many of the consumers are very much familiar to it. By this five-star rating we give you a clear visual feedback of your customer happiness that you can further use to advertise the demand of your product.

d- Customer Effort Score

It’s another metric that reflects the customer loyalty. Through it we examine customer happiness with a rather different approach while asking them questions like:

How hard you have to work to get a problem fixed?

Its answers comprise a scale that goes from 1 (it was simple to handle my issue) to 5 (it was nothing less than a headache).

The lower your score, the higher your worth.

Measuring CSAT Directly

We also infer customer experience by asking them directly. It gives them a homely feeling rather than being alienated. For it we conduct the following surveys:

In-App Surveys

Through such surveys we provide a right from heart experience of CSAT while they are interacting with your product or service. It gives an immediate and high response rate. We do it in a subtle way by adding a comment bar at the top of your interface. Our aim is to look into customer’s feelings without pestering or distracting their delightful moments.

Email Surveys

We conduct this survey for detailed, in-depth insights. For it we maintain an email record of your customers and send them a link in form of an email. Responding to emails is bit bothering so we make it catchier by keep optimizing our copy, email and survey design.

SMS Surveys

One of the easiest accesses to your customers at present is via cell phones that they always carry. So we have maintained an automated survey through SMS that helps us reach even those customers who may not have dropped their email account to you. It comprises a one-question survey in the body of a text message, with a request of reply for rating.

Volunteered Feedback

It feels good to know an honest feedback of your products and services and for it we originate an open-ended comment box or email address on your website. It helps the customers to vent spontaneously and that is what you need. Responding through a submitted feedback is gentle and effective; customers convey what they want and you gear up to meet their needs.

Measuring CSAT without direct Feedback

How about recording your consumers’ interest even without bothering them for clicks? Yes we do that. Through maintaining your customer journey from their landing pages, spent time on your website and content likes and shares, our web analytics make a roadmap of their insights. This allows us to track them seamlessly and respond accordingly.

Our Tactics to Improve CSAT

Our target is to enhance customer satisfaction, turning them into happy, loyal customers of yours. We believe in empathy and feeling like being in their shoes. For it we take the following steps and keep optimizing them:

Don’t make them wait

We resolve in the shortest possible time. Waiting is perhaps one of the main reasons behind angry or annoyed customers. We don’t make them wait as our reactive agents are there to respond 24/7. An average customer spends 90 seconds to complete a survey so we keep it short and simple to have their mind on page in the shortest possible time.

Add N/A option

Customers get frustrated when they are asked about things that don’t mean to them. For it we add a ‘Not Applicable’ option in our surveys so they may not waste their energies on irrelevant stuff.

Keep Promises

Meeting an up to the mark level of customers’ happiness demands for keeping promises. We do what we commit to and never leave them dissatisfied.


Even if your customer is out of millions, we make them feel one out of millions. Our well trained agents pay heed to their concerns the way they themselves feel and serve them with right options and solutions in the real time.

Agent’s Knowledge Base

Our agents are nothing less than a fully-equipped android team. They are professionals who know how to respond each customer according to the features of your service or product. We keep training them the way they may handle each query in real time with right reaction.

Consistent surveys

Keeping in mind our customer’s psyche, we keep surveying consistently. After evolving a standardized survey, we just tweak them slightly for keeping things updated according to changing needs of customers.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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