Conversion Rate

We consider every call as a new opportunity and convert them by cross selling and up selling.

Conversion Rate

We consider every call as a new opportunity and convert them by cross selling and up selling.

‘Conversion Rate’ can be any action of a hot or qualifying lead that you benchmark. In digital marketing, conversion rate means a consumer’s interaction with your website which steps towards achieving your business goal. This interaction can be any sort of i.e. a phone call, signing up for a newsletter submission, social media share, a download, a purchase or a time duration of user’s spent time on your web page. Tracking conversion rate is one of the most vital analysis that businesses should undergo to find out their target audience and finally ROI. Our call centre provides timely services to promote your conversion rate in your best interests.

How Do We Calculate Conversion Rate?

Many of the businesses out there believe in their gut-feeling to find out where their sales are coming from, as they don’t go for tracing conversions. It sounds way simple but understanding your conversion rate to know whether your website, outbound calling, messaging or emails are contributing to your marketing and sales targets is hard to evaluate. For measuring conversion rate through each source we take following steps:

Tracking Conversions

Let aside web or digital marketing, and suppose yourself a whole sale dealer in a town market. If not in figures, you will surely get a rough count of purchasers (leads) who came to your outlet, no matter they bought your article or not. Finding out sales (conversions) will be like:

Conversion rate = Total number of sales / Total number of leads x 100

For example: If you had 20 sales/month out of 2000 unique leads, your conversion rate will be 1%.

Working out Value of Lead

Suppose you deal in installing kitchen cabinets and sale a set worth $3000 then that lead’s value to you will be $3000. Not every lead that approaches you ends up on sale. In real world rather 2 out of 10 inquiries generate into sales. It means your conversion rate is 20% (2/ 10 x 100 = 20). This way you can earn $6000 out of 10 leads. Our working goes with the formula:

Lead value = Value of Sale / Number of Leads

So the average value of your lead will be 6000 / 10 = 600

Benefits of finding out lead value

You are doing business to earn revenue and generating it even more. After finding out leads’ value you can decide how many leads you need to carry on your business; meeting expenditures within ROI. Let’s say you need to earn $20000 to expand your kitchen cabinet business. Based on conversion rate of 20% from prior example, your average lead value is $600. For working out conversions needs we adapt the following formula:

Conversions needed = Desired Revenue / Lead Value

This way you can find out that your needed conversion rate is 33.3 (20000 / 600 = 33.3). This means your desired leads/month is 33-34.

How do we optimize your conversion rate?

For an up to the mark conversion rate that may help contribute to meet your business expenses and expansion, we optimize conversion rate. For it we take the following heedful measures:

  • Our recruitment is done on pure veteran bases. We hire smart professionals who know customer care and are enough sale-oriented to sell your products and services.
  • We consistently carry on A/B testing, also known as split testing to meet an increased conversion rate. To keep the customer keen is what that means and for it we keep updating headings, replies and page layouts.
  • Our top-notch software renders streamlined call service that facilitates the customers with an easy to under stand call experience.
  • We take criticism and negative comments as constructive motivations. We maintain a record of repeated com plaints relevant to any product and service to figure out problems.
  • Through our best customer care services we develop a healthy loyal bonding with the customers. For it in the very first contacts, we make things clear for the customers like products’ prices, features, usage and durability.
  • With our data base knowledge, we clearly examine customers’ needs and interest points and serve them with right options in real time. Our agents don’t drive customers bored or confused with an intertwined, elaborate detail.
  • We provide our customers with variety of channels to contact the company. We focus on not leaving them hap less in finding out solutions or queries, especially after sales.
  • In case our agent is unable to handle a critical customer, our software seamlessly reroutes that call to an expert who can better resolve the issue.

Our call centre software, analytics and agents are kept updated with classified detail of customers, products and services. They collectively work as a team for making the process of conversion through outbound calls way easier.

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