Call Quality

Happiness is friendly voice, no matter if its day or night, rain or shine.

Call Quality

Happiness is friendly voice, no matter if its day or night, rain or shine.

In today’s world where every customer has got variety of choices for buying products and services, call centres play a key role for the promotion of businesses. Interaction with a live call agent gives the customer a direct insight into company’s customer care as well as its products. So just establishing a call centre is not at all a big game, the things that matter is, how it works. Does it render a world class service that makes customer feel a way out from day toady hecks of buying or leaves them stay engulfed in dilemmas? Our Live Chat Support team provides the call centre facility, both for inbound and outbound calling that rightly goes with the psychological behaviors of the customers. It offers them best solutions and makes them feel home.

Our Merits of Measuring Call Quality

Using our call centre means a petty investment with huge ROI for we work on quality with quantity and keep monitoring our service with clear-sighted views. Our organized call monitoring helps enhancing the agents’ effectiveness coupled with customer satisfaction and products quality. Our managers keenly observe problems and provide solutions and improve departmental performance. We take following steps to ensure best call centre experience:

Seamless Call Centre Software

For a flawless call cascade we are equipped with best software support. Along with call monitoring and recording, it enables us for live call training, adaptability to new aspects and improve cost effectiveness.

Measuring Daily Service Quality

Our daily service management is a three 3D process through which we analyze three prospects at the same time: customer satisfaction, meeting SLA (Service Level Agreement) and troubleshooting. With customer happiness our top most priority, we try to meet the target of call percentage and sort out issues in real time.

Operational Cost

This metric enables us find out various expenditures like cost per call, agents’ consent and sapping. Agents’ concern and exhausting rates directly affect the cost of call centre and we keep reviewing all three aspects for ensuring cost of the call to the minimum.

Call Productivity

For an efficient call management we evaluate the following operations:

i- Idle time that an agent spends prior to attending a call.

ii- FCR (First Call Resolution) that translates an agent’s ability of understanding and resolving the issue during initial call.

iii- Call handling which refers to the time an agent utilizes on call. It also includes a quick update of call summary.

iv- Success rate that includes all the accomplishments like sale, new deal and contract extension.

v- Ensuring a sound knowledge base for the agents that help them to be on go for any query and resolve it accordingly.

vi- For an up to the mark real time response we keep forecasting the upcoming call volume by comparing past trend data and other variables.

vii- The agent’s timely response is one of the main metric that we keep observing for it’s the root problem that conveys a bad image of the company out there.

viii- For an ongoing desktop management, updating and agents’ training sessions, we work out the off-peak hours and utilize them in the best possible ways.

ix- To minimize the risk of call dropping, we keep a daily record of abandoned calls.

x- We try to ensure the best engaging techniques by noting the cross sell practice of our agents.

Research and Pre-planning

For attaining a high-end service, we keep capturing the data by call centre management software and analyze it to optimize our customer care performance. For ‘Quality of service’ according to your company’s business culture and work ethics, we keep recommending our agents a step-by-step guideline to be followed. In case the call traffic exceeds in accordance with our agents handling and they become unable for a timely response and resolve, we draft a prior escalation plan for a streamlined quality assurance.

How we improve our call quality?

Keeping an eye on demand and supply isn’t all about a good call centre performance; it rather requires improving methodologies and practices in a more humane way. For it we maintain the following standards:


After hiring a best task force, we need to have a continuous monitoring on them. For it we involve our analytics and agents in scoreboards and evaluation forms. We assure these measures positively go with your company’s policy, KPIs, external benchmarking and customers’ expectations.

Insights into Customers’ Psyche

No matter how much proactive our agents are, it doesn’t work if they don’t understand customers’ behaviors. Through a precise research by surveys, feedbacks and interviews, we look into our customers’ assumptions to align us with their needs.

Empathetic Scoreboards

Our service is by humans for humans so we ensure empathy. We want our agents to respond the way your customers feel. We observe them regarding pure humane vibes. For it we have evolved empathetic score boards that measure agents’ honesty, attention, interest, friendliness, personalization, professionalism and adaptability.

Constructive Feedback

For a good team work we provide a real time, constructive feedback to our agents. Alongside in house training sessions, we also have a pre-defined action plan for the agents and departments if their performance doesn’t meet the required targets.

Consistent Call Monitoring

For the best follow-up we analyze the same calls over and over again. For assisting agents by managers during critical calls, we have got interacting software that helps them co-ordinate in real time.

Rewards and Appreciation

For maintaining a quality work culture, we believe in recognition of efforts and rewarding them accordingly. We keep motivating our agents by giving the feedback of excellent interactions and introduce healthy incentives for the organizational growth.

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