Call Abandonment Rate

We love every caller and pick up their calls in seconds, resulting in happiness.

Call Abandonment Rate

We love every caller and pick up their calls in seconds, resulting in happiness.

In today’s world businesses consider meeting overwhelming customer satisfaction as their prior most benchmark. Call abandonment metric calculates the calls being dropped or disconnected before getting connected to one of the call centre agents. If a company desires to take the cake regarding Service Level (SL) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), it must pay heed to call abandonment rate for bringing it to lowest.

How we calculate Call Abandonment Rate

To filter out data for the best evaluation of call abandonment, we format an abandoned short calls threshold. Observing it, we first eliminate the calls that are abandoned within first 5 seconds. After that short-listed data, we review the reporting dashboard and classify a specific category to examine (i.e. Healthcare or Software). We mark a certain time span like a day, a week or a month and then find out the abandoned calls within that predefined time duration. We apply the following formula to work out abandoned calls:

Abandoned Calls/ Total Calls x 100

Customer’s Emotional Analysis

Rating call abandonment rate is not a big game, what matters to us is rather understanding your business and customer needs to render service with the best suitable response time. For example, our service team dealing with travel companies, healthcare or home appliances may face high-emotional scenarios as these services demand an urging response time. Companies like software, financial services and retail & consumer products, vice versa don’t need that quick response. Their customers rather feel satisfied while dropping a message or waiting for a call-back. We opt for the set up that best suits your customers’ urgency rate.

Strategic and Real-Time Review

For identifying call abandonment problems we review the following data in real time:

  • The number of ongoing calls being handled by a live call agent
  • The number of callers waiting in a queue after being forwarded by an agent or automated system.
  • The number of calls being transferred; we don’t count them as double as it makes the abandonment rate lower than it actually is.
  • The number of callers who hung up before getting connected to a live agent.

How we reduce Call Abandonment Rate

We try to meet SLAs (Service Level Agreements) while maintaining a lowest call abandonment rate with a high FCR. Inbound callers mostly abandon in the queue or IVR, and to avoid it we follow these tactics:

  • We keep updating our inbound call load for forecasting the call peaks
  • The only reason for which callers tend to abandon is unavailability of agents. For it we induct a scheduled staffing on basis of our predictions of peak hours and off-peak timings.
  • With an advanced call-back technology, we serve the customers with the option to leave a call-back. We keep them in the queue until the agent approaches the customer.
  • We keep optimizing our messaging service by A/B testing to discard the message that results in increased abandonment.
  • We keep updating our messaging texts by changing words in order to make customers stay unless we convey.

Our call centre renders a personalized customer service that focuses on never leaving the keen customers in dismay of increased waiting and unresolved cravings. We are there to successfully respond to as many callers as possible.

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