Why live chat works

for SaaS companies

SaaS industry suffers from low retention rates. This is a great loss since the initial investment in acquiring customers is huge. The churn rates are highest among notable industries too. Large companies have the worst customer satisfaction rates. Custom live chat solutions alleviate these problems efficiently through targeted strategies.

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CRM integration in SaaS

live chat support

Real-time data collection and organized storage that is accessible to live chat operators enables

powerful planning, smooth implementation and rewarding optimization. Catering to the

exact needs of new and existing customers guarantees greater customer satisfaction

and retention. The data obtained is essential for developing successful marketing campaigns.

In this research report, you will learn how we:

  • Key metrics to measure success of SaaS support
  • Benchmarks for live chat support in SaaS industry
  • SaaS tiered support affecting customer satisfaction
  • Role of social media integration in SaaS companies
  • Benefits of live chat for SaaS over conventional channels
  • Customer and market trends in SaaS industry

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