Role of social media

in health care

There is a significant amount of information being shared on social media platforms with regards to health care. This has a major influence on patients seeking medical services particularly for long term conditions. Medical experts network through social media and patients are increasingly interested in applications integrated with social media.

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Live chat is perfect for

health care professionals

Patients want access to support and medical records on-the-go so applications must be compatible

with personal devices. Being able to contact trained operators for assistance 24/7

increases satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Response time is a few seconds

and multiple patients are served simultaneously.

In this research report, you will learn how we:

  • Growth, trends and benchmarks of digital health care
  • Dynamic role of social media in modern health care
  • Social media integration improves quality of live chat
  • Unique benefits of live chat for health care industry
  • Response time and handle time influences patient satisfaction

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