Suitability of live chat

for e-commerce


High traffic and escalations are glaring concerns which live chat tackles by simultaneous management. Outsourcing live chat guarantees 24/7 availability promoting customer retention and loyalty. Quick response and solid solutions combined with consistent follow-ups add to its effectiveness. Operator training and knowledge banks ensure high quality of information and technical support.

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Main support problems in

e-commerce industry

Cart abandonment rates are often high and can be improved by incorporating live chat at checkout.

Bounce rates lead to poor ROI on marketing campaigns but using a proactive approach

on those landing pages can help. Live chat customization fulfills

specific goals for e-commerce.

In this research report, you will learn how we:

  • Customer preferences and trends in e-commerce support
  • Benchmarks for live chat support in e-commerce industry
  • Effects of live chat on e-commerce customer satisfaction
  • Building live chat strategies for specific e-commerce targets
  • How live chat resolves pressing concerns of e-commerce support
  • E-commerce industry trend predictions made by experts

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