Metrics for query


Interactions-per-resolution tells us how much effort is required to resolve a query while median resolution time denotes the efficiency of the team. Case resolution ratio shows the capability of the operators along with first contact resolution ratio. Issue resolution by area is useful for identifying common problems and measuring the effectiveness of solutions.

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Metrics for ticket


Knowing the number of tickets arriving at any hour help prepare feasible strategies. Ticket resolution

ratio is a good metric for upgrading training exercises. Ticket re-open ratio is generally

higher for complicated issues. It reveals the quality of the performance of

a particular team or agent.

In this research report, you will learn how we:

  • Measuring customer happiness ratio for comparisons
  • Relation of median reply time and customer contact volume
  • Optimization via customer effort score and net promoter score
  • Effect of average number of replies-per-request on quality
  • Strategizing with key metrics for ticket management
  • Gauging efficiency by key metrics for query resolution

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