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satisfaction and greater


Since the cost of lead generation in the legal industry far outweighs the value of leads, most of the revenue comes from existing customers and referrals. Consequently, the lifetime values of leads are high. Reactive chat reigns supreme since visitors gain awareness independently. Meanwhile, CRM integration promotes effective lead nurturing.

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Live chat support for millennial

target audiences

Interest towards channels like 24/7 live chat services increased by 17% between 2016-2017 because

of its accessibility, availability and specificity. Law firms find it a cost-effective

support channel with high ROI that can be outsourced. CRM integration

and tiered structure is a bonus.

In this research report, you will learn how we:

  • How data is collected via data banks and marketing leaders
  • Live chat trends in the legal industries of leading countries
  • How live chat technologies were incorporated into legal industry
  • Live chat strategies to increase customer satisfaction and conversions
  • Live chat facilitating the productivity of digital marketing campaigns

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