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Date: 24th May, 2019

Live Chat Inc is one of the best chat softwares available in the market and they keep on updating their features and interfaces on frequent basis. One of the best things about them is that after collecting feedback from end users and their clients they always work on enhancing their user interface and make it more friendly and customer experience oriented. Recently they have launched a new platform named as Customer Messaging Platform that allows businesses receive messages from customers in a chat window even if they are offline and not logged in to their dashboard without breaking chain of messages between operator and customer. For example if you are a customer and facing some issues while using some products and services and want to report them then you may have several options:

  1. Call to your company from where you bought product/service
  2. Send them an email and explain your issue
  3. Visit their office and talk to their representative face to face
  4. Visit their website and chat with someone available online
  5. Post your issue on their social media platforms

All of the above mediums have their own pros and cons. How customer messaging platform is helping customers and businesses is something new to everyone and as affective as real time chat session. Let us explain how this platform is different and helpful in entertaining your customers who are looking for an immediate help.

Basic functionality:

It works the same way like agent to visitor interaction on business websites. Your customers will enter their questions in the same chat window where they can also start live chat sessions and agents can view these messages on their customer messaging dashboard when they are signed in. Customer messaging platform is an “always online” type of chat where visitors can leave messages even if agents are offline and they will also be prompted that agents are offline however you can leave message and someone from our team will get back you as quick as possible. Lest say customer left a message 2 hours ago or may be 30 minutes ago and closed the browser. When agents will login their platform they will see their messages and reply to them. One of the concerns may be would customers be able to see the complete chain of messages or not? Good news is that YES customers will see agent responses in a chain where they will be able to see their questions and answers from the support department. Customer to agent session will not break even if you have shut down your system and restarted it.

Intelligent responses:

Customer messaging platform presented as is integrated with botenigne and analyse customer conversations so intelligently. It uses artificial intelligence to learn and answer most of the basic questions on its own. This unique mixture of AI and messaging platform helps agents as an assistant whose taking care of tier 1 support.

Omni channel customer engagement: brings a platform where you can receive messages from your social media, website and SMS as well. This makes it unique and flexible to use on most of your customer service platforms. Lets say your have more than a million follower base on facebook and active users who are using your product/service on daily basis. Rather calling your staff they can easily leave a message through facebook of simply send an SMS to you and your team can easily send responses in real time and with delays.

Email integration:

Keeping in view that a lot of customers prefer email as a mode of communication as compared to other ones Live Chat Inc has another feature of email inbox that works like:

1 – It automatically send unread responses to customers on their email addresses mentioned in pre-chat form after they leave your website.
2 – It sends out messages in an email to customers if they don’t read your answers for more than 5 minutes.
3 – Email integration allows all email communication in initiated by agent end

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