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Live chat ltd has launched new website with more offerings.

Date: 24th May, 2019

We have been working form last six months to develop content strategy, new artworks, new offerings, and new benchmarks. Our corporate colors and brand identity has been changed and we have launched new website with fresh content and enhanced lists of services.

What’s new


Our content team has added informative and industry specific whitepapers where potential clients can self-service their research and checkout how we are publishing solutions to their paint points. We surveyed more than 200 potential clients and 1000 existing clients to make a list of their pain points. Our content and marketing team will continuously address those pain points and deliver their solutions through whitepaper documents. We are also working on on-demand resolutions and consultancy for clients who are not looking to outsource us but are convinced to hire us as customer support consultants.

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Research reports

800 out of 1200 participants were interested to read industry benchmarks and how their relevant industries are embracing new customer service methodologies. We have developed a new section on our website that has industry specific archived research reports. We are motivated and passionate to publish new research reports on industries that are currently missing in our archives.

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Case studies

60 out of 200 potential clients were more interested to know how we have served other clients as an example from their own industry. We have developed case studies on clients from different industries and explained what were their paint points and how we develop their strategies, trained our staff, decided our benchmarks, and implemented customer services.

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Revenue calculator

From our 7 years of diversified experience, we collected basic questions that our potential clients ask or search before they signup with us. Questions include how many conversions from X number of web visitors, how many resources do we need to manage X number of chats, how much revenue will be added in our monthly revenue books, how we know that adding live chat can increase customer happiness, and many others. We have developed a revenue calculator where clients can give their inputs by selecting predefined values and see how they can grow with us in graphical presentation.

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Industry specific learning center

We are going specific from being generic because we came to know that businesses are looking for their own industry related information and customer support strategies. Initially our content was generic and we were publishing blogs, articles, industry news, whitepapers and other resources at one place. Now we have divided our publishing strategy and developed industry specific boards where potential clients can see information only related to their industry. After selecting their industry, they can see blogs, whitepapers, research reports, case studies, took kits, e-books, and other informative resources that are their industry specific.

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Enhanced FAQs section

We have developed keyword search based FAQs section where potential clients can search every possible question related to our services, strategies and timelines etc. If they are looking to self service and explore answers to their unique questions, then our keyword search based FAQs will serve their purpose.

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We are going to launch webinars specifically on pain points of our potential clients. Presenters will be industry leaders and successful C-level personals who will share their actual experience and speak about how they resolve their customer support issues. In our new content strategy, industry specific webinars are on our list to do.

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Video blogs

Our experts will serve presentations on customer acquisition, marketing, conversion optimization, live chat, email support, call center, and latest technologies that businesses must adopt in order to offer Omni channel customer support. We will also offer people from different industries to share their experience in a video format which will be published on our video blogs after moderation.

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