Live chat strategy for

managing appointments

Receiving replies within seconds, patients could set up appointments in minutes via live chat support. Taking online patient care a step further, recommendations for flight and pickup arrangements were also offered. These small gestures reassured patients and increased overall customer satisfaction. As a result, Stem.MD experienced higher retention rates.

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Maximizing marketing investments

with live chat

Paid advertisement campaigns witnessed a greater ROI owing to the efficiency of live chat support.

Lead management flourished as proactive chat windows worked wonders. This strategy was based

on the behavior of their website visitors. Proper utilization of patient

feedback was crucial for the optimization of live chat.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Smart lead management contributes to higher conversion rates
  • Customer satisfaction may be increased by analyzing feedback
  • Outbound email marketing campaigns boost customer engagement
  • Integration of live chat and email support enhances customer experience
  • Tiered live chat support promises shorter resolution times
  • Follow-up strategy may be optimized for greater value

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