Analyzing website to

develop live chat


Our first step was surveying the website and the behavior of the website traffic. This showed us which web pages required attention and how we could go about producing the results that StartEngine desired. Therefore, live chat support was devised to maximize customer engagement through proactive live chat method.

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Knowledge banks reinforce

live chat services

After gathering data on StartEngine’s previous customer interactions and current business policies,

we drafted knowledge banks. They contained FAQs and questions specific to the industry.

This improved the performance of live chat agents since they had all

the necessary information in the knowledge banks.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Applied continuous process improvement (CPI) to customer support
  • Developed the skills of live chat agents through extensive training
  • Ensured greater efficiency by building comprehensive knowledge banks
  • Designed cost-effective live chat strategies for higher customer engagement
  • Analyzed website data to create an effective live chat approach

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