Monitoring websites via

Google Analytics


Since we required data from Snap’s website to create an effective customer support plan, we employed Google Analytics for statistics. It informed us about the number of monthly visitors, most popular pages, pages with highest bounce rates; performance of landing pages and the services that attracted the website visitors most.

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Advanced training of live chat

support agents

Other than drafting a detailed curriculum to polish the skills of live chat operators,

we set high standards for their simulation training. They were strictly assessed for

the qualities that Snap demanded and were encouraged to do their best

even in practice sessions.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Built and maintained knowledge banks as valuable resources
  • Recorded feedback and forwarded it to the relevant franchise
  • Implemented the segmentation approach for live chat support

  • Optimized live chat strategies through website analysis
  • Managed continuous process improvement (CPI) for customer support
  • Increased conversion rates in a cost-effective manner

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