Technical training of

customer support


To polish the skills of operators, they underwent regular training in the technical aspects of PapayaMobile’s services as well as etiquette for customer care. This produced attentive and efficient operators who placated customers while swiftly resolving their queries. Since it helped operators in meeting their needs better, customers were happier.

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Globalization through English

language support

English language support played a major role in developing trust between PapayaMobile

and their customers as they expanded their market internationally. Their conversion rate

rose to 15% as proactive live chat was run in English. Meanwhile, the uninstall

rate of their applications dropped to 36%.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Businesses reach global markets with English language support
  • Training employees in tiered support maximizes efficiency

  • Implementation of security protocols protects data

  • Email support is integrated with mobile applications
  • Brand values are incorporated into customer support
  • Customer satisfaction and retention increases with live chat

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