Increasing customer

satisfaction through

live chat

The power of live chat support is apparent from how customer satisfaction skyrocketed from 64% to 96% for Classic Photographers. Customers could make bookings 24/7 through a convenient package selection process along with accurate estimates for photography services. They could immediately adjust their plans after being informed of photographers’ availability.

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Higher referrals rates through

A/B testing procedures

Customer feedback remained an essential component of live chat optimization as the customers’

preferences were given priority. Our omni channel approach contributed significantly

in this regard as data from various channels was utilized. This resulted in

17% greater referral rate for their photography services.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Live chat support may assist in core business operations
  • Conversion rates rise by incorporating live chat feature
  • Businesses experience greater retention with live chat
  • Live chat strategy is customized according to services
  • Live chat support is related to customer loyalty and referrals

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