Designing platforms to

keep customers


We believe that communication is the key to running a successful business. Our experts explored the channels that Bamboo Nutra’s customers preferred to connect with the brand. The hurdles which hindered meaningful contact were targeted in a feasible strategy. Our final step was to furnish those routes.

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Multifold benefits for Bamboo Nutra

through omni channel approach

A rewarding customer experience was just one of the exciting perks of our customized

support plan for Bamboo Nutra. Besides elevating customer retention and return rates,

they received higher returns on their paid advertisements. Integrating online

customer support with their sales team boosted productivity.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Investigated weaknesses in the brand’s online support

  • Prepared a custom solution that fit their requirements

  • Improved response time for live chat and email services

  • Optimized lead management for higher sales

  • Organized efficient email management

  • Increased conversion rates and revenue

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