Efficient resolution of

technical queries of


Businesses that rely solely on email support, like Alaska Structures did previously; have a hard time responding to technical queries within an acceptable timeframe. Live chat allowed them to shorten their response time to a couple of seconds. This guaranteed quick solutions for existing customers producing higher retention rates.

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Flexible live chat support

with future upgrades

Assurance of success is necessary for any investment. Instead of creating a complex live chat

plan, we offered Alaska Structures an affordable plan that was customized to their

requirements. This allowed them to monitor the performance of live chat

support before upgrading it.

In this case study, you will learn how we:

  • Reduce bounce rates and churn rates with live chat
  • Arrange follow-ups to increase customer retention
  • Boost conversion rates via efficient lead management
  • Implement the results of A/B testing to live chat support
  • Design customer support to beat the competition
  • Optimize live chat services by website traffic

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