Table and Room Reservation

24/7 Email support for hotels and restaurants

Table and Room Reservation

24/7 Email support for hotels and restaurants

Email help desk for making table reservations

Outsourcing leads to a clear increase in revenue when you have a team of industry experts dealing with matters like table reservations for hotels and restaurants. If you’re looking to save resources on email management, there is no better way to accomplish that than outsourcing email operators. Since your phone numbers can be busy, many customers choose to reserve tables ahead of time through email. In case your restaurant is closed for the holidays but a customer wants to reserve a table for a later date, our email agents can make that reservation for them. Reserving tables for rush hours becomes more convenient with our email support for restaurants.

Managed email customer services to book rooms

The greater the scale of your hotel the larger is the size of your workforce. However, where are you going to fit all those employees? Virtual email operators are capable of booking hotel suites and single rooms for your guests 24/7 without taking up any space in your office. Email support which is integrated into your hotel’s staff is just like an extension of your customer services department. We possess the training necessary to manage guest records using advanced software. This means you can remove the risk of human error and save resources by digitalizing your system. We can assist your staff in handling booking rooms and updating guest records any time.

Email ticket management for guests’ complaints

Customer experience is an integral part of management in the hospitality industry. Even one bad review can drop your ratings and deprive you of revenue. Hire email support agents who can virtually assist you in taking care of complaints from guests and diners. If a customer emails you about being disappointed in the behavior of a restaurant attendant, we can help you by replying to them within 15 minutes and forwarding their complaint to the relevant manager. In case your hotel’s room service was not on par with the standards of your guest, we can appease them with special treatment and a promise of improvement. Your customers will never be ignored just because you’re busy as our email operators are prepared to manage their complaints 24/7/365.

Outsource email support for event bookings

Customers often email restaurants and hotels to reserve areas for special events like wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, high school proms and corporate meetings. We can reply to their emails in your absence and handle bookings for events.

Outdoor events

There may be wedding plans on hotel grounds which our email support agents can discuss with your clients when you’re unavailable and make bookings for the exact outdoor area they have chosen.

Takeout orders

While your staff is busy looking after customers at your restaurant’s tables, our email operators can take care of takeout orders. We take the orders or your customers and have them delivered ASAP.

Hall bookings

There are many kinds of events taking place in hotel halls such as wedding receptions and award ceremonies. Our email agents help your staff manage hall bookings making sure there are no time slot overlaps.

Reserve tables

Our email customer services are perfect for customers who want to reserve tables at your restaurant ahead of time when your staff is occupied. We note the particulars of their reservation and add it to your database.

Menu queries

People who have allergies want to be careful about what they eat so they want to know more about your restaurant’s menu and ingredients used. We can help you with such queries assuring your customers with safe choices.

Room bookings

Guests usually want to make hotel bookings for the holidays early as possible. We can assist you in managing the hundreds of booking requests coming in for the holidays and other events in your area.

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