Call Centre for Hospitality Industry

24/7 answering service for hospitality business

Call Centre for Hospitality Industry

24/7 answering service for hospitality business

Travel agency

Your business will see a notable rise in retention rates once you outsource our answering services. We accomplish these pleasing figures by creating a superior customer experience through our knowledge about this industry. Thanks to special training programs, our call agents are fully equipped with the skills and tools to serve your clients 24/7. We ask potential clients about what kind of trip they are looking for before presenting attractive options from your offerings. They may discuss all the particular demands and expectations with our friendly call operator and we will confirm their booking. The trip details are also sent to them immediately.

Hotel bookings

In order to provide greater convenience to your international guests, our call support agents are ready to take their calls at any hour. They have been trained to address the concern of the caller instantly so that they don’t feel like their time is being wasted. Our efficiency in answering services gains you the trust of your clients. This ensures greater chances of return business and referrals. We gather information about the room or suite specifications that they expect and check available ones that fit that description. The booking process for hotels through call support has been streamlined for more ease and continuously undergoes positive changes by optimization.

Cruise ship tours

We have a centralized customer services system that helps reduce the burden on call support and provides access to extensive knowledge banks. This reduces the call waiting time leading to higher customer satisfaction. Whenever your potential clients are ready, they can call and get all the information they need to make a good decision about their travels. Our call agents give them recommendations for cruise ship tours depending on the preferences that they have mentioned. We also conduct follow-up calls for clients who have already made bookings or those who have encountered an unexpected problem that requires additional interaction for resolution.

Restaurant reservation

Through our 24/7 call support your existing and potential customers can contact your staff for quick resolutions at any time of the day. They are welcome to make reservations for meetings, events and meals at your restaurant through call support. As for events, parties and celebrations our call agents explain your terms and conditions to them clearly. This removes any possibility of miscommunication that could result in unpleasant situations later. We responsibly collect information about their special requests for the menu, seating arrangement and number of guests. This information is directly forwarded to your staff so that they may prepare for such reservations well before time.

Casino memberships

We care for the existing customers of your casino handling their billing queries, bookings and membership concerns. They can call your casino at any hour and receive efficient solutions. Whether they want to apply for membership, get referral points or renew their membership, our call agents follow protocols approved by your staff. This ensures a high level of consistency and transparency that contributes to the improvement of the customer experience that your casino offers. Our friendly call operators are always ready to welcome new clients to your casino. We explain your policy to them and manage their bookings increasing your overall retention rates.

Events and parties

Including your brand culture in our call support strategy is important for businesses in the hospitality industry and we follow it for event bookings as well.

Corporate visits

Using knowledge banks that have been constructed to be symbiotic with answering services, we are able to provide a high class experience for corporate clients.

Family packages

Since there are frequent calls asking about the family packages that your travel agency offers, our call agents are prepared with the necessary information 24/7.

Round trip cruise

We make every effort to provide convenience to your clients who are interested in making cruise ship bookings through call support by offering suitable recommendations.

Renew membership

Whenever one of your casino clients wishes to renew their membership, edit their account details or check their credit our call operators are available at any hour.

Billing support

Our call agents are trained to responsibly handle transactions for businesses in the hospitality industry. Our aim is to ensure accuracy, security and convenience.

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