Small business answering service

Every single call is an opportunity and we definitely don’t miss out any. Outsource quick and reliable calls answering services.

Small business answering service

Every single call is an opportunity and we definitely don’t miss out any. Outsource quick and reliable calls answering services.

A team of dedicated customer service experts offering 24 hour live answering and customer support.

We understand your business vision, value your goals, and help your small businesses grow with around the clock live answering and lead capturing service. Gain more customers and retain the existing ones with exceptional pre sales and after sale support.

Exceptional quality customer answering services for small businesses

We help your small business achieve their big dreams with the help of live telephone answering services. We make it possible for your business to give its customers the best service, no matter where they are.

How we become an important part of your success

We synchronize our mission with your vision of growth. We have seen that live phone answering service for small businesses is an important addition towards measureable success. We learn your products, embrace your business values and prepare a customer focused strategy in order to answer your phone lines in your business name. We optimize your marketing efforts and gain your returns against every single dollar spent. We reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate by being available to answer questions when your customers need help. Our dedicated resources always fill your calendars with new business. Our day and night sales team is always busy in closing cross sell, upsell and new sales making your small business winning thousands of customers on daily basis.

We understand your dreams

Our journey started from a single interaction and now we are handling millions of them on daily basis. Small businesses will always matter to us because we have been through seamless efforts to achieve what we are today. We understand your small budget limits and work on a fraction of cost because we have a lot of respect for small business entrepreneurs who have big dreams of success. We are always more than happy to see you growing with us.

Live answering services to meet your small business needs

24/7/365 live answering

No matter which time zone your customers live in, we make it easy for them to do business with you and never miss any opportunity. We offer virtual receptionists around the clock.

Call transfer and routing

We route your emails, calls and chats to right department and right person in real time. Our virtual receptionists transfer your calls to the right person at the right time.

Order management

We assist your customers in their buying process, take their orders and get them processed. With live answering service for small business, your customers get customized help that they need to place their orders.

Industry specific services

Although we have experience in every type of small business but our best expertise is in legal, automotive, healthcare, real estate, SaaS, gaming, education, e-comemce, and telecom and internet.

Lead generation and qualification

Along with customer support we prioritize your hottest leads and connect your core sales team in real time so that you focus on them and close them. Before we forward leads to your team, we qualify your customer needs and confirm their contact information.

Appointments and scheduling

Using your calendar, our live answering team fill your schedules with qualified leads. On the other side we book support appointments and remind your team about their schedules.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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