Outbound call center services

We call your leads within 30 minutes and convert them in to opportunities.

Outbound call center services

We call your leads within 30 minutes and convert them in to opportunities.

Sales are not just all about inbound. Legacy of outbound lead generation and sales still exists. If your business is looking to grow, then Live Chat Ltd can become your brand extension and fill in more leads in your sales funnel.

Outbound lead capturing call center services

We learn about the relationship between your products and customers, map out strategies, and start using your customer data base for upsell and cross sell. We match your customers with the audience that may have not already been invited for your products, and cold call your prospective customers.

Our outbound call center services team follow up your cold leads, and nurture the existing ones until they become opportunities won in your CRM. We utilize your list of prospective customers and put our efforts to get them on board.

Few important features of our outbound call center campaigns

List utilization

We get you most out of your prospective customers’ lists. We are trained enough to nurture your lists of prospects and call them as per their required schedules. Your every single lead is a potential customer which may not answer at first hand because of busy schedule. We put efforts on every single lead and call them at least four times during different hours of the day.

Cold calls

We match new audience with your current customer data base and find out potential customers by cold calling their numbers. They may not had been introduced to your products and can the ones who are interested to buy. We create their profiles, checkout their schedules and call them during after hours in order to make sure they listen to us.

Lead nurturing

Cold leads are sometimes the major portion of your leads’ data base who by somehow could not be engaged on time or were not interested to buy immediately. We send them emails, schedule appointments and product demos. Before we do that we find out their touch points and availability and then connect with them at a right time.

Cross sell and upsell

We utilize your existing customer data base and upsell your product’s high end features. We create possibilities to cross sell as well. Whenever you launch new high end product, there is need to create its demand among the existing customers and potential customers. We do both and increase your average order value and reoccurring payments.

Brand awareness

We create brand awareness through outbound awareness calls and drive traffic to your website. More and more informed potential customers become opportunity won. In brand awareness campaigns, our focus is to deliver as much information as we can about your products and services.

Product training

We help your customers to understand your product’s usage and train them on every feature. Our outbound call center teams schedule training sessions and guide your customers step by step about how they get more out of your SaaS products.


We help businesses and organizations who mainly rely on payment claims and collections from their clients and financial institutions. In addition to predictive dialing, we can send out broadcast announcements encouraging your clients to contact collections to resolve their dept.

Appointment setting

Our outbound call center solution dials your online website and offline leads the moment they arrive. Idea is to close the deals as quick as possible because more time you give your potential customers, the more they will compare and search alternatives.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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