Customer support services

Unbeatable customer support with exceptional quality and care.

Customer support services

Unbeatable customer support with exceptional quality and care.

We retain your customers and acquire new ones by offering unbeatable customer support service

We grow your business and support your customers

Long term health of any business is always dependent on pre-sales and after sales services that customers are receiving. If your customer support is in easy access of your customers and if they can always get in touch with you during any hour of the day using their preferred medium, then they can be retained for longer time period.

Aggressive business strategy does not end on acquiring customers rather keeps its pace more towards retaining them. Live chat ltd offers you an affordable 24-hour customer support and call services. You customers will always be informed and get assistance whenever they need. We give your customers an experience that make them returning and profitable.

How we deliver customer happiness through customer support and call services

We are committed to deliver friendly, professional, and around the clock customer support and call services. The best thing about us is that your business can hire our receptionists, call centre staff at amazingly affordable prices.

Every business is different and hence their customer support needs are different. For some businesses, focus of customer support may be order management. For others focus may be appointment, billing and product activation, or capturing leads. Whatever your purpose is, our account managers work with you to determine what kind of customer support services your business needs and work on your core requirements.

A lot of times your business may have some combinations of customer support needs, for example acquiring new customers through lead capturing and retaining customers through offering around the clock customer support. Along with acquiring and retaining you may also need billing, verification and other business process outsourcing. Live chat ltd can support your customer in any way.

Benefits of our customer support services

Best customer support always receive customer calls no matter how many of them are calling or if they are calling during business hours or during after hours. If your customers consistently do not get any response form your support then they may leave your business and start buying from your competitors.


We grow with your business. If you have plans to launch new marketing campaigns and you know that its going to create more calls, then we can assign extra resources within no time.


Our account managers and supervisors are always available to entertain your customized needs of reporting and conference calls. You can check your calls data any time and can monitor the success of your marketing campaign and customer support any time.


Live chat ltd offers services at a fraction of cost and you can hire as many resources as you want. In house customer support staff cost is always higher as compared to outsourced. Best thing about us is that we offer customer support and call services the way you want and at an affordable price.

Features of our customer support and call services

Order management

We help your customers by giving them timely information and increase your order value by suggesting supplementary products.

Call transfer and routing

Our customer support staff follow your rules and route the calls to the right person or department. We save you hell of your time and connect calls in real time.

Order management

Reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase your average order value by giving your customers timely assistance to while they checkout.

Appointment scheduling

Our phone, email, and chat service always keep your calendar filled with appointments. We are always available to check available slots and schedule your customers accordingly.

Product billing and activation

Our customer support service experts verify your customers’ payments and manage refunds. After payment is processed, we activate your products for your customers in real time.

Technical support

We are always available to resolve basic, advance and high advance level technical issues of your products around the clock. We become helping hand and offer level 1 to level 3 support.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

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