After hours answering services

Outsource after hour customer services and entertain your customers even on weekends.

After hours answering services

Outsource after hour customer services and entertain your customers even on weekends.

Extend your office hours 9/5 to 24/7. Don’t give an impression that your business is closed after office hours. Forward your calls to us when you take off from office and we will take care of your customers the way you do.

Why you need after hours answering services?

Your client support schedule cannot be fixed for some specific hours. It must be around the clock. You never know what you are losing when you go offline of take voice mail messages. Normally businesses don’t even know how many leads they are losing during after hours because they never tried around the clock customer services. You may receive voice messages when you go offline and leave your company phone numbers on voice mail but do you think your customers will wait for you to come in the next morning and answer their questions? They will definitely go to you competitors who are available and answer their questions quickly.

Customers have changed and their expectations are growing. Even if your customers live in your own time zone, they expect your business to attend their issues 24/7. Internet and technology have fueled their expectations and they demand better customer experience. When you staff goes home, our after hours answering service staff clocks in and start delivering excellent customer services until your staff comes in the next morning.

We adapt your corporate culture

We learn your ways, products, customers and their issues, and deliver after hours phone answering services the way your team would. You decide on the greetings and scripts, we follow and update them according to new issues from customer side.

When your team is about to go offline, you either forward your phone calls to us manually or set up an auto forwarding to transfer your calls. Our friendly and professional staff will then take it from you and start answering your customer calls. We tend to be the extension of your team and your customers will never feel that we are not in your office.

Your business is never closed

With us your business is never closed and your leads will never drop. During Christmas holidays, new year nights, weekends and other holidays, our after hours answering service takes the responsibility to provide exceptional quality customer services to your clients. Instead of leaving a robotic voice mail message, your customer will hear a friendly and professional voice even during the days when no one expects someone to be in office.

Never leave your customers unattended because they will start searching alternatives and your competitors may be getting customers because you are offline. Using our virtual receptionists who works after hours, you will never miss opportunities.

Why you should choose an after hours answering services

You may be getting a lot of calls during the normal business hours and should expect more calls during after hours when your staff goes offline. In case if your call volume is not too great and you have a dedicated resource or team to answer your phones during the day, you still need someone to attend calls and capture leads during after hours. In both cases if you are offline then you may be missing a lot of opportunities that can make a huge difference in your overall returns.

Whatever the volume of calls may be, our virtual answering staff can cover as many hours as you want.

Below are few reasons to chose an after hours answering services:

Appointments scheduling

We fill your business calendars with appointments by taking calls overnight and after your business hours. Our after hours phone answering service takes calls and answer most of the questions prior to booking an appointment.

Take orders

In e-commerce business 24/7 availability is more than essential and you definitely don’t want to disappoint your customers and let them chose your competitor. An after hours telephone answering service can help you reduce shopping cart abandonments by answering questions quickly when you customers are stuck.

Need for legal industry

Lawyers form your practice are always on the move, attending court, or meeting clients to discuss their legal issues. An after hours phone support keeps your legal firm connected with your new and existing clients around the clock. With us your legal practice is never closed.

Need for healthcare industry

After hours answering service is a must for medical practices. You don’t want to lose any patient booking or medical emergency. Success of your practice is attending more patients and we make it possible by scheduling your patients overnight, during weekends, and holdidays.

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