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Live Chat Ltd secures £1 Million investment from partner company in UK.

Date: 23th May, 2019

Live chat ltd is growing rapidly in terms of revenues and resources. Our infrastructure has the ability of agile expansion. Currently we are serving a list of industries which includes real estate, legal, entertainment, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, telecom and internet, marketing, gaming and gambling, and SaaS. This list is not limited to what is mentioned but expanding in every successful quarter. We are receiving service requests from the niche industries, newly developed industry types and much more new stuff.

Customer support is the most important part of any company, organization and business that has audience to serve. Our teams with diversified skilled resources are working on several industries and creating their competitive differences.

We have reseller partners and strategic business partners in US, CA, UK, AU and EU. One of our partner companies, T and T associates London expanded their partner hands to invest in our growing capacity. Investment amount is considered to add in:

1 – Resource capacity

Currently we are managing 1000+ resources who are working for more than 3500 clients including resellers, partner companies and their clients. Now we are considering to double the capacity in terms of resources and people management in order to serve new sign ups and employee training.

2 – Infrastructure development

We have enhanced our current infrastructure and strengthened our intra net. We are more strong and resourceful in terms of networking, operational procedures and processes, data protection policies, and uninterrupted delivery of services.

3 – Employee development

we are growing rapidly and we need to make sure our employees are growing with us. We have added more sessions and development programs to our current employee development plan. People excellence is our core asset and we know if they are developing their skills with us then we can create our own positioning strategy and competitive differences.

4 – Research and development

Our information technology staff and management is always on the move to explore new tools, apps, software, processes, and hardware that can help our operational staff to achieve their benchmarks. New RND goals are in place and teams are working on custom developments and in house tools to replace third party technologies.

5 – Power and resource backup

We have allocated a budget to add more power backup capacity in existing infrastructure and working on a strategic plan than support our growing capacity. We are already in pace and stable in terms of employee turn over and always have resources as a backup in case if we need to deploy them to maintain first response time and to balance work load. We are going to hire double of existing backup resources because new clients are in pipeline and strategies are being made to serve them as quick as possible.

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Live Chat Ltd secures £1 Million investment from partner company in UK

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